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Visit the famous Bohol Chocolate Hills from above and experience one of UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites from a different point of view. The Chocolate Hills consist of about 1,776 hills of the same general shape that during the dry season turn chocolate brown, hence the name. 

Once you have seen this wonder from above we shall take you to the next and we will fly you directly to visit the Tarsiers; one of the worlds most unique and endangered little primates that can only be visited on the island in their Sanctuary.

tarsier 1.jpg


Our package deal for Bohol Trip offers a scenic flight by helicopter from your closest pick-up point in Cebu to the Chocolate Hills. Once there, there will be a helicopter tour over the Chocolate hills without landing and directly after you will be flown to Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary where you will be able to visit the Tarsiers. Once all will be done, we will fly you back to Cebu.The departure time is discussed upon request and entry to the sanctuary will be included in the fee. (Also, please note that food and beverages must be brought personally) 


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